The winners of the Olympiad were :

2010 – Antrim Grammar School

2011 – St Mary’s Grammar School

2013 – Belfast Royal Academy

2014 – Banbridge Academy

2015 – St Patrick’s Academy Dungannon

Examples of question: 





Model answers are here.

Currently, biological education in schools makes biology a collection of facts and answering a question is usually limited to finding the right page in a textbook or choosing A, B, C or D in MCQ. The goal in the Bioscience Olympiad was to develop bioscience-oriented “academic thinking” and a creative approach to problem-solving in school children. I aimed to make the competition, not a contest of factual knowledge (with questions such as how many vertebras does a frog have or what is the name of an enzyme which cuts proteins) but one of intuitive and creative thinking. Answering the questions requires some basic biology textbook knowledge, but participants were invited to suggest as many “hypotheses” or “explanations” as they can, invent experiments to test their hypotheses or create new classifications of biological objects/processes


Sergei Ryazansky russian cosmonaut

Russian cosmonaut Sergey Ryazansky sends his regards to all participants of Queens University Belfast Bioscience Olympiad !