Current funding

2022-2025       “Metabolic origin of oxidative stress injury in brain ischemia/reperfusion”  R21NS125466,

NIH NINDS, PI, ($455,000)

2020-2025       “The role of FMN loss by mitochondrial Complex I in neonatal hypoxic-ischemic brain injury”, 1R01NS112381, 

NIH NINDS, PI, ($2,282,000)

2017-2022       “Mitochondrial complex-I as a target for metabolic resuscitation in perinatal hypoxic-ischemic brain injury”, R01NS100850, 

NIH NINDS, CoI ($2,470,000)

Past funding

2014-2017       “Regulation of active/deactive transition of mitochondrial Complex I in health and pathology”,  MR/L007339/1 

 MRC UK, PI,  (£376,416)

2015-2017       “Reducing the burden of neonatal brain injury:  assessment of hypothermic & melatonin neuroprotection in an inflammation-sensitised piglet asphyxia”, MR/M006743/1

MRC UK, Co-PI,  (£1,256,258)

2012-2015“     “Role of mitochondrial Complex I in cellular response to hypoxia“, G1100051

MRC UK, PI, (£385,898)